What benefits does the washing machine bring to the enterprise?

With the increase of domestic industrial enterprises, the difficulty of cleaning continues to increase, which makes the domestic floor washing machine market more and more hot, and the functions of floor washing machines are favored by most enterprises. However, there are also some people who do not understand the functions of the washing machine, and do not understand the benefits and changes that the washing machine can bring to the enterprise.

1. First of all, the maintenance of corporate image: the establishment of corporate image must not only be established from the outside of the company but also from the inside, and the internal environment of the company must not be unable to withstand the inspection of customers. A sweeping machine can completely eliminate a large number of workers busy cleaning with brooms and other cleaning tools.

2. Easy to manage: use the automatic floor washing machine to simply calculate the cleaning time and thus the cleaning cost, which is convenient for the cleaning management of the enterprise.

3. Cleaning standardization: manual cleaning cannot guarantee the uniformity of cleaning, but the automatic floor washing machine can maintain a uniform cleaning effect well, and there will be no phenomenon that one piece is clean and another piece is not clean.

4. Environmental impact: manual cleaning will inevitably raise dust, which will cause dust to float from the ground to the air and then scatter on the equipment and ground of the factory building, failing to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.

5. Ground protection: Keep the ground clean at all times to prolong the life of the ground. The maintenance of the ground will not only increase the cost but also affect the normal production work.

6.Cost saving: The cleaning efficiency of the fully automatic floor washing machine can save a lot of manpower, which can quickly offset the purchase cost of the machine.

What kind of dirt can the floor washing machine clean?

The cleaning ability of the floor washing machine is strong, and the dirt that can be cleaned includes: oily dirt, floating dust, dirty water, mud and sand, as long as the ground is flat and smooth, it can basically be cleaned.

What kind of ground can the floor washing machine clean?

The floor washing machine can clean the following types of floors: cement floor, epoxy floor, PVC, wooden floor, terrazzo, tile floor, rubber floor, marble, wear-resistant floor, etc. In fact, as long as the floor is relatively flat and smooth, it can be washed Machine cleaning.

Why do factory workshops need electric scrubbers?

The cleaning problem in the industrial industry has always been a headache for managers. The cleaning of the workshop floor is cumbersome, and sometimes a lot of manpower and material resources cannot solve these problems. For the cleaning needs of the industrial production industry, the emergence of automatic floor washing machines solves the problem. For this cleaning problem, the use of automatic floor scrubbers to clean the floor of industrial workshops and office environments is far more efficient than traditional manual cleaning. With the urgent need for industrial cleaning equipment in some large factories and enterprises, the floor scrubber It has become the first choice for factories to use industrial cleaning equipment.

Why do you say that industrial factories need floor washing machines more and more? This has to be said from several aspects. First of all, the cleaning technology of automatic floor washing machines is considered to be a relatively advanced cleaning equipment with high cleaning efficiency in modern cleaning. It is unique. After cleaning, the cleaning method integrating sewage collection can complete the cleaning work in one pass, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

One is that the working efficiency of a floor washing machine is more than 8 times that of manual cleaning, and an automatic hand-push floor washing machine can clean 6,000 to 10,000 square meters after working for 3 hours, which is unmatched by manual cleaning. Therefore, for industrial plants with an area of about 10,000 square meters that need to be cleaned, it is generally enough to use 1-2 automatic floor washing machines according to the cleaning frequency and the cleanliness of the ground.

Generally, automatic floor washing machines use rechargeable batteries as the power source. This method has no restrictions on the power cord, which greatly expands the cleaning radius and flexibility, and can make the cleaning work more unlimited. This kind of battery is generally charged for 6– 8 hours, can be used continuously for about 5 hours.

For the managers of the factory environment, if a large factory relies on manual cleaning, it will not only require a lot of human resources, but also a lot of wages for the cleaners every month. If you use a floor washing machine, as long as you manage the equipment and a few cleaners, you can keep the environment of the factory workshop very good, and it can save a lot of labor costs for the company. Therefore, most of the large factories and enterprises can see the washing machine. The figure of the floor washing machine, and all customers who use the floor washing machine have very high evaluation.

The difference between hand push scrubber and driving scrubber

Hand-push washing machine: it is a washing machine that is pushed by hand, and driving washing machine: it is a person sitting on the washing machine to operate and clean the ground. The biggest difference is that the operators work in different ways, one is pushing and the other is sitting. The hand-push scrubber is suitable for operations in places with small spaces and many obstacles, and the driving scrubber is suitable for operations in large spaces. The cleaning power is the same.

Is it necessary to buy a washing machine?

The washing machine needs to be purchased. For example, if you are a residential property, the parking lot is very dirty, and manual cleaning is slow and inefficient, and it is difficult to recruit suitable labor, and the salary is not low, but if you buy a washing machine, It will reduce the number of workers, and the washing machine is more efficient in cleaning the ground. A washing machine can replace 5-7 workers. In this way, it is cost-effective to buy a washing machine. In addition, the grade of the residential area can be improved, and mechanical cleaning is adopted, which is consistent with the high-end attributes of the residential area, that is, in the high-end residential area, the owners can see that the ground is clean when they go home, and the image of the property is better. After the image is completed, it will be more active to pay the property management fee in the future, because When everything is done well, how can there be owners who deliberately default on property fees?

If you are a factory workshop, you also need to buy. The factory workshop is cleaned and the comfort of the working environment is improved. When the employees work happily, the work efficiency will naturally increase, which is beneficial and harmless to the enterprise.

What is the after-sales service of Dike floor washing machine?

Dike electric washing machine, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and free maintenance for life. Note: Improper human operation, except for consumable parts.

Does Dicko floor washing machine deliver to your door?

Yes, when you buy a Dick floor washing machine, it will be delivered to your door. Customers in Wenzhou buy the factory to deliver directly, and the logistics outside Wenzhou will deliver it to your door. You don’t have to worry about the problem that the floor washing machine is too big to move by yourself.