Hand push floor scrubber Warrior 510B

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Hand push floor scrubber

Warrior 510B  Product Features

It is a small floor washing machine that integrates washing and drying functions. The compact body design allows the machine to operate freely in crowded environments, greatly reducing the intensity of work and improving work efficiency. It can quickly solve various stains on the ground, significantly improving the quality of cleaning and hygiene. The machine is flexible and simple to use, easy to operate, suitable for floor cleaning work in narrow spaces such as nursing institutions, kindergartens, schools, small supermarkets, etc., and can meet the cleaning needs of most users

Product Detail

Product Description

Introducing the Hand Push Floor Scrubber Warrior 510B - Revolutionize Your Cleaning Experience!

The Hand Push Floor Scrubber Warrior 510B is the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency. With its compact size and lightweight design, this floor scrubber is easy to maneuver and can reach even the tightest corners and hard-to-reach areas with ease. It is also equipped with powerful brushes that rotate at high speeds, effectively removing stubborn stains, grime, and dirt from various types of flooring surfaces.

One of the standout features of the Warrior 510B is its user-friendly operation. Unlike traditional scrubbers that require excessive manual effort, this cutting-edge model allows users to effortlessly push it across the floor, eliminating the need for arduous bending or kneeling. Its adjustable handle ensures that users of all heights can comfortably operate the machine, reducing strains on the back and improving overall cleaning efficiency.

Additionally, the Hand Push Floor Scrubber Warrior 510B incorporates advanced cleaning technologies that guarantee exceptional results. Its dual-action brushes not only scrub the floor but also polish it, leaving a sparkling finish. The built-in water and solution dispensing system ensures an even distribution of cleaning agents, maximizing their efficiency and minimizing wastage. Moreover, this floor scrubber features a large capacity water tank, eliminating the need for frequent refills and allowing extended cleaning without interruptions.

Product Features

1. Large opening sewage tank,easy maintenance
2. Pushbutton operation panel,easy to operate
3. Intelligent short circuit protection for the entire machine,motor negative pressure overload protection
4. Whole machine fault detection and alarm function,make maintenance easier


Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage 24V
Total Power 1860W
Water Flow 4.0L/Min
Cleaning Width 700mm
Working Capacity 4200M
Suction Vacuum 2200mm
Brush Motor 2* 550W
Vacuum Motor 600W
Squeegee Width 920mm
Walking speed 0-8KM
Drive Motor 500W
Storage Battery 3* DC8V; 150AH/3HR
Charging Time 8-10H
Clean Water Tank Capacity 90L
Dirty Water TankCa pa city 100 L
Brush Pressure 40kg
Continuous Working Time «5H
Noise Level 65dB
Climbing Capacity 25%( No Water)
L*W*H 1220*730* 1020mm
Machine Only 195kg

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